CalRov CRE Partners identifies, analyzes, acquires, and manages multifamily assets across the nation, with a particular interest in emerging markets in the Sun Belt. Our analysis shows that America’s chronic housing shortage will create outsized returns from both new construction and value-add renovations in our target markets.

Our acquisitions team looks for:

When we identify a promising asset, we underwrite it conservatively and develop an innovative business. For every 100 deals underwritten, we make offers on fewer than 10 and acquire only 2-3. Our goal is to offer our investors the best multifamily investing opportunities in America.

When we identify an investing opportunity, we alert our investors and present a thorough offering with slide decks, underwriting spreadsheets, market analyses, and webinars. We are always for investors with questions.

After our investors review and sign the subscription agreement, so that we can close the deal, we start our business plan. We either build a new multifamily asset or renovate an existing building to today’s standards.

As we execute the business plan, we generate cash flow. The investor comes first and enjoys quarterly distributions from the cash flow before we make a single cent.

When the business plan is complete, we look for a buyer. We sell the newly built or renovated asset at a premium price and deliver a large final profit to our investors.

We aim for 15% annualized returns with powerful tax advantages and reliable cash flow, far ahead of the stock market’s historical returns.